When a student submits a Moodle assignment, the submission is considered to be in draft mode until the assignment reaches the due date. Students are able to remove, edit, and re-submit draft submissions (and receive instructor feedback) until the due date when the text/files are submitted for grading by the assignment tool.

When setting up assignments, the instructor/designer may include the option to Require students click submit button (found in Submission settings expanded option in the assignment setup area). The Submit button might be used by students to submit a first or second draft for teacher review and comment. When the Due Date arrives or if the student does click the Submit Files button before the due date, the text or files are marked Submitted and ready for grading.

The instructor can change a student’s submission back to draft mode, allowing the student to resubmit work on the assignment. This action is called Revert the submission to draft mode. It works only if the Cut-off date has not arrived. When a submission is reverted to Draft mode the Submit files button returns, and the student has until the Cut-off Date arrives or the assignment is manually closed by the instructor.

Reverting an assignment submission to draft mode

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the Assignment and click the link.
  3. Click View⁄grade all submissions.
  4. For one student:
    1. Click the Edit icon within the student’s assignment row.
    2. Choose Revert the submission to draft status from the drop-down menu.
      drop down menu with revert the submission to draft option highlighted
  5. For changing several students assignments at once:
    1. Select all students whose assignments need to be changed.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Revert the submission to draft status from the drop-down menu.
      Dropdown menu at the bottom of the grading/submission page with Revert the submission to draft status highlighted
  6. Click Go.

Note: If the Cut-off Date has arrived, the instructor can grant an Extension for a student to get the option to revert the submission to draft. See Grant an Extension to an Assignment.