Students: Your instructor may require you to upload file(s) such as a paper or presentation file for an assignment.

  • Your assignment may have a Due Date.
  • Your assignment may have a Cut Off date

Uploading assignment files

  1. Find the appropriate assignment on your course homepage and click on the assignment link.
  2. Click Add submission to view the file uploading area.
  3. Drag and drop your file(s), or use the Add icon Add icon. to add files to the submission area.
  4. Scroll down and click Save changes to save your assignment.
  5. Check for a Submit assignment button Submit assignment button..

         - If there is no Submit assignment button:

  • You can continue to make changes to your assignment up until the due date.
  • Your assignment will be automatically submitted for grading on the due date.

        - If there is a Submit assignment button:

  • You MUST click this button for your assignment to be submitted for grading. Once you click the button, you can no longer make changes to your assignment.


Assignments may be modified by clicking the Edit Submission button. The button will not appear if the deadline as been reached or you have clicked the Submit assignment button.